How to Manage Referee Fees By Game Level / Position

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This article details how referee fees can be managed by game level / position. You should track referee fees by game level / position if all referees are paid the same based on the level of the assignment. Note: Referee fees are optional and assignors can choose not to track referee fees.

How do I get to the page?

After logging into, assignors will find the link to Organization Profile under the Management tab. To track fees by game level / position, you should verify that you organization preferences are set to track fees paid to referee (pay based on level of the assignment). Assignors will be able to set default fees for each game level / position by navigating to Game Levels under the Management tab (How to Manage Game Levels).



How To Use

If you are managing fees by game level / position, then a Default Fee column will be available when adding / editing a game level. This column should be used to set a default fee for the game level / position combination. This is a default and can be changed when creating a game, editing a game or assigning a game.

Terms / Definitions

Term Definition Required? Special Validation(s)
Referee Fee Amount paid to referees assigned to a game. N/A N/A
Game Level Name Name of the game level (e.g. U13 Boys, U15 Girls, Majors, Minors, Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc). Yes Must be Unique
Positions Positions to Include in Assignments for this Game Level. This can be overridden on a game by game basis when creating / editing games. Yes Must Select at least one Position for each Game Level