How To Manage Teams

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This screen should be used to manage the teams for an organization. When creating a game, a home and/or away team can optionally be selected. As a result, assignors may choose to enter teams for each game level that they assign.

How do I get to the page?

After logging into, assignors will find the link to Teams under the Management tab.



How To Use

Initially, no teams will exist for your organization. You should press the Add button, then enter the following information:
  • Game Level
  • Team Name
  • Notes
To add the team, press the Add button. After a team has been added, Edit & Delete buttons will appear next to each team. These buttons will allow you to edit and delete teams that you have already added.

Terms / Definitions

Term Definition Required? Special Validation(s)
Game Level Game level that the team plays in. Yes  
Team Name Name of the team. Yes Must be Unique
Notes Any additional information about the team. No